Guest Rowers

Welcome! We think you'll love rowing on Lake McIntosh! 

We offer several options for both alumni and guests rowers to row on beautiful Lake McIntosh using PTCR facility and equipment. Cost will depend on the selected program. 

ALUMNI - If you are an alumni of one of our PTCR Youth Competitive Teams and a full time college student, our summer and winter break alumni program is designed for you. Email for information and to coordinate. 

VISITOR - Or, if you're a rower visiting the area and will be in town less than two weeks, our weekly program is great option! If you'll be in town longer, one of our PTCR Memberships may perfect for you!  Email for information and to coordinate. 

GUEST ROWER of a current PTCR Member - An adult guest rower hosted by and rowing with a current PTCR Member also has an option.  Email for information and to coordinate. 

Visiting rowers must demonstrate proficiency to our head coach.  


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