• Youth Men (Middle and High School)

    Register today! Being coachable with a desire to grow are fundamentals to success, and are musts in our program. Our coaches will lead you to establish and achieve your goals. Good attitude, high standards, self-discipline, humility and care for all teammates on and off the water are priceless characteristics in order to develop and maintain the necessary camaraderie and mental strength required. We grow big leaders because it all begins with teamwork. If this sounds like it fits with your goals, you belong here. Don't hesitate, become a Row Georgia team member today!

    Youth Spring Season 
  • Youth Women (Middle and High School)

    Register today! Our youth women aren't just future leaders, they ARE leaders! Teamwork is paramount, leading yourself is the first step to becoming the best team member because everything you do impacts the team. Join today to experience BIG teamwork. You'll challenge yourself and grow with others who are supporting you. Your success means team success.

    Youth Spring Season 
  • Adult Rower


    We have adult program options to fit a variety of goals. Want to compete? We have it! Want to row independently? We have that too! Want to row a few times a week with other adults and with a coach? We have you covered! Check out our adult membership options to see how you can achieve your goals.

    Adult Membership 
  • About Rowing

    "Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." Vince Lombardi.

    Athletes come to our program from many different sports. Rowing is a sport for the strong mind and body. That's why globally, athletes are at least middle school aged when beginning the sport. To attend one of our practices to check it out, email us at welcometo.rowptc@gmail.com.  

    About Rowing 

Ready to be a part of the ultimate team sport? Do you want to challenge yourself and grow more than you ever thought you could? Join today!

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