Adult Membership Program - Access to Equipment, Lake and Facilities

Why join Peachtree City Adult Rowing?

Rowing is fun! As a bonus, it's beneficial inside and out!

US Rowing shares here, "Did you know that rowing is a great calorie burner? Research has shown that rowing burns calories faster than biking at the same perceived level of exertion. In other words, it feels easier to burn more calories while rowing than while biking. Rowing is a smooth, rhythmic motion that is impact free. Rowing exercises all major muscle groups and provides aerobic conditioning, as well as strength conditioning. Best of all, rowing is fitness for life!"  

Lake McIntosh is beautiful and our rowers can't get enough of it!

Even when not competing, our athletes are often seen practicing on the lake. They love rowing and they especially love rowing on beautiful Lake McIntosh! 

Membership Options

Members pay an annual membership and receive access to the program's equipment, facilities, and lake. This is a fantastic option for rowers with experience who enjoy flexibility.

Already registered for seasonal rowing? Adding a Membership discounts the seasonal rowing fees and gives you privileges to come row on your own, on top of your scheduled lessons and practices! More rowing? Yes please!  

Own your own single or double? We offer memberships with storage privileges.

Annual Adult Memberships (WithOUT Adult Rowing Season)

Adult Individual Membership 
$205 / $225*: Members receive rowing access to the lake, equipment and facilities. 

Adult Individual Membership With Boat Storage
$505 / $525*: Includes access detailed above and includes storage of your shell and oars inside our locked gates. Need a six month membership? Email us at for a $300 / $320* half-year membership option.

Family Membership   
$750 / $770*: This is our most popular family membership and is a great option for adult family members living in the same household.  It includes all the benefits of an individual membership, plus TWO membershipsIf you have additional family members, let us know and we'll customize a membership for you.

  1. Select Adult Membership (withOUT Adult Rowing Season) HERE.
  2. Membership Application, complete and email to
  3. Complete Online Electronic Adult Waiver

Annual Memberships WITH Adult Rowing Season

Fall / Spring Rowing Season + PTC Rowing Membership
$200 Membership fee (pay once a year)
+ $205/$225 each season 
Row during coached sessions 3x/week
Recreation and competitive options
Includes ability to take out club boats if flip test and swim test are passed

PTC Rowing Membership + Rowing Season + Boat Storage Privileges
$500 Membership fee (pay once a year)
+ $205/$225 each season  
Row during coached sessons 3x/week
Recreation and competitive options
Includes ability to take out club boats with successful flip and swim tests 
Includes personal boat storage at Lake McIntosh

  1. Select Adult Membership WITH Adult Rowing Season (w/storage option)
  2. Membership Application, complete and email to 
  3. Complete Online Electronic Adult Waiver 

Once completed, our Registrar, Michelle @ will connect with you.  We're delighted you're here and look forward to seeing you at the lake! 

Alumni SUMMER / WINTER BREAK Membership

Alumni Summer / Winter Break Membership  For our former youth competitive rowers, home for school breaks, this is a great option to enjoy rowing on Lake McIntosh again!  Alumni rowing cannot conflict with youth summer camp sessions (9-11am).  Alumni dues for 2023 Summer will be posted in the spring.

We also offer adult Adult Private Lessons here and Adult Fall and Spring Seasons here to enhance your rowing experience.  We have a phenomenal rowing community committed to taking care of our facility and equipment so that we can keep these fees as low as possible. 

PTC Adult Rowing provides a year-round program consisting of spring and fall seasons as well as adult private lessons (based on availability). To check out our current youth rowing options, click PTC Rowing Youth Programs

We are a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization established in August 2015 to encourage and further the instruction, improvement and competition in and the enjoyment of the art of rowing.  Fees raised through our programs are used to fund coach's salaries, equipment leases, insurance and other operational expenses. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.